[D] AMA: We are AI/ML experts from AWS – Ask us anything about Amazon SageMaker – August 5 @ 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Hey r/MachineLearning! We are from AWS here to answer any questions you may have about building, training, & deploying ML models with Amazon SageMaker or any machine learning questions in general.

Already have questions? Post them below and we’ll answer them starting at 12PM PT today, August 5!

[EDIT] We’ve been seeing a ton of great questions and discussions on Amazon SageMaker and machine learning more broadly, so we’re here today to answer technical questions related to either. Any technical question is game. We’re here until 1pm PT today!

You’re joined today by:

• Emily Webber (ML Sr. Specialist SA) • Shashank Prasanna (AI / ML Sr. Developer Advocate) • Chris Fregly (AI / ML Sr. Developer Advocate) 

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